We are Giant Digital. We work with brands to increase revenues, grow audiences and engagement, working across our four core areas of expertise: Content, Social Media, Sales Funnels and Automation.

We have worked in online for 14 years and grown some of the UK’s largest audiences of 20m per month. We use data-driven marketing to build online systems that automate the flow of traffic, leads, and sales for your business. We embrace emerging technologies and tools and are uniquely configured and equipped to service both consumer and B2B clients in the ever-evolving media and marketing landscape. We are laser focused on increasing our clients revenue using social media and content.

What is an automated marketing system?

An Automated Marketing System (A.M.S. for short – also known as a Sales Funnel) is a series of Ads, Educational Content, Email Communication, and Sales Presentations, all sequenced together to accomplish one thing… To automatically generate new clients and sales in your business.

We do this through the following activities:

  • Site and Market Analysis
  • Dream Client Personas and Targeting
  • Attractive Character and Brand Narrative
  • Sales Funnel Design
  • Sales Funnel Implementation
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Landing Pages
  • Drip Email Sequencing
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Webinar and Sales Video Scripts
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC + Social Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Goal Tracking (Analytics)
  • A/B Split Testing


1. Strategy

We work with you to understand your business; it’s goals, barriers, clients and more. This helps us formulate a funnel and sales strategy specific for your business to attract your dream client and multiply sales.

2. Blueprint

After uncovering the necessary details during Strategy, we use that information and our own research to piece together a guideline to an improved online business.

3. Implement

Using the Blueprint, we put the strategies to work by implementing the proper pages, technology and sequencing, tracking and more.

4. Optimize

Once everything is in place, you’ll start to see more targeted visitors from our content marketing and paid advertising. We’ll split-test pieces of the process to ensure the maximum conversion rate is being achieved, and will continue to monitor and update as required.

5. Scale

Once you know the funnel is converting optimally, it’s time to really grow your leads and sales. Spending more to make more is the name of the game here.

6. ROI

Everyone’s favourite part, especially ours. We love seeing clients realize a better online business, one that makes them more money while allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional results to clients.

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